Period from order to delivery

・ [Order product] _LOTTA DESIGN. Original shoes are custom products, so after ordering from the customer

We will produce it. Therefore, it takes about 30 to 40 days to finish.

・ [Selected items] [Stock items] _Inventory is available at the store and can be shipped within a few days of normal business.

・ [Reserved Items] _ After receiving your order within the reservation period, it will be delivered about 30 to 40 days after build-to-order manufacturing.

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About customized orders

・ LOTTA DESIGN. Shoes can be ordered by choosing a combination of tape & ribbon and body. [FIKA] and [TIAM] are eligible.




<About measuring shoes>

・This site displays the numerical values based on the following methods.



About measurement display of shoes













① Measure the size of your feet.

・ Measure (1) foot length and (2) foot circumference by referring to the display in the figure. (It is good to measure the foot width as well)

・ Since the size of the foot is often different on the left and right, it is recommended to measure both feet.

Open your shoulders and stand with your weight on both feet. Let's measure the memory from directly above.


壁にかかとをつけ 一番長い指の先まで 測ります。




親指の付け根の出ている部分から 小指の付け根の出ている部分まで を測りましょう。



親指の付け根の出ている 部分から小指の付け根の 出ている部分までを測ります。


一人で測る時は 壁にくっつけて 測りましょう。


・ Please refer to the size guide and check your own size. (Example: Foot length 227mm / Foot circumference 221mm = Shoe size 23.0cm / Wise D)


③ Each person has a different foot shape. Please also refer to the following.

・The size of the foot changes depending on the time of day and physical condition. It tends to swell toward the evening, and the size may increase.

・Since the size also changes when you match socks, please select the size according to your application.

・The shoes made in Japan that are handled at the online shop are made based on [D], [E] and [EE].

-Even with the same wooden pattern, the comfort will vary depending on the design and material.

(The shoe shape is made according to Japanese standards, but the size may change slightly depending on the shape and design of the bottom, the thickness and hardness of the material, the shape of the heel, and the method of hanging. )


-The standard of the size display overseas is different from the size display of Japan.

・In addition, it is a good idea to understand the characteristics of your feet. (Bunion, O-legs, toe shape, short fingers, long fingers, etc.)

(Adjustment of size) *Some sizes may be adjustable with shoe care goods, so please try referring to the following.

・If the width is loose, select a size that matches the length of your foot and lay an insole.

-If the width is tight, you can stretch it a little with a shoe stretcher. Also try one size larger shoes.

-If you hit the hallux valgus, you can stretch it slightly with a point stretcher.

(We can only increase the size when you come to the store. If you can not come to the store, please contact a shoe repair shop near you.)

・If the heel is easy to come off, or if the heel is easily slipped on the shoes, please try the parts items such as the heel pad and arch cushion. (Not sold on this site.)

  (About the shape of the toes)

・Comfort varies depending on the shape of your toes.

(Egyptian type_Longest thumb, gentle curve foot from index finger to little finger → round, oblique type shoes recommended)

(Greek type _ Foot with longer index finger than thumb → pointed, *Shoes with a longer throw length are recommended.) *Throw length = space between toe and shoe

(Square type_foot shape of almost the same length from thumb to little finger → square, wide round shoes recommended)


(About foot arch)

・If you wear high heeled pumps for a long time or wear loose sneakers or mouton boots, the arch of the sole of your foot may collapse. The collapse of the arch not only makes the foot tired and swollen, but it also causes symptoms such as hallux valgus, open feet, flat feet, and camber. Let's prevent it by daily care (exercises such as toe goupers and heel raising and lowering, and wearing arch support socks), and walking from the toes to the heels in a correct posture.


(How to choose shoes with deep insteps)

-The height of the instep is the height of the front of the arch, starting from the tip of the foot.

-For deep-shoe shoes, the height of the instep is relevant. If you have a high instep, choose a string or rubber that can be adjusted.

・Let's tie laces tightly and fix instep.


(How to choose sandals)

*The sandal foot is called the ball base. *Sandals = Design with empty toes and heels

・When choosing a size, in the shape of a general sandal, it is recommended that you put your foot and the curve of the heel is exactly ~5mm from the ball base.

・We recommend a design where the shape of the toes and the ball base are close.