Terms of Use These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") comply with all registered users when using the EC platform provided by Lotta Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). The matters that must be met and the rights and obligations relationship between the Company and registered users are stipulated. If you use this service as a registered user, please be sure to read the full text before agreeing to this agreement.
Article 1 application
1. This agreement aims to establish the rights and obligations relationship between the registered user (defined in Article 2) and the registered user (defined in Article 2) regarding the use of this service (defined in Article 2). It applies to all relationships related to the use of this service.
2. The rules and regulations relating to this service, which we post on our website (defined in Article 2) from time to time, form part of this agreement.
Article 2 Definition The following terms used in this agreement shall have the meanings given below. (1) "Intellectual property right" means copyright, patent right, utility model right, trademark right, design right and other intellectual property rights (such as acquiring those rights or registering those rights. (Including the right to apply).
(2) "Our website" means a website operated by the Company whose domain is "lottadesign.tokyo" (if the domain or content of our website is changed for any reason, (Including modified websites). (3) "Applicant for registration" means "Applicant for registration" as defined in Article 3.
(4) "Registration information" means the "registration information" defined in Article 3.
(5) "Registered user" means an individual or legal person registered as a user of this service in accordance with Article 3.
(6) "Service" means the EC platform service provided by the Company named "LOTTADESIGN." (if the name or content of the service is changed for any reason, the change will be made). (Including later services).
(7) "Merchandise provider" means the individual or corporation that sells merchandise in the Services provided by the Company.
(8) "Usage Agreement" means the "Usage Agreement" defined in Article 3, Paragraph 3.
Article 3 registration
1. Those who wish to use this service (hereinafter referred to as "registration applicants") agree to comply with this agreement and have certain information defined by the Company (hereinafter referred to as "registration information"). You can apply for registration for the use of this service by providing us with the method specified by us.
2. Based on paragraph 1, the Company may refuse registration if the person applying for registration falls under any of the following reasons.
(1) When all or part of the registration information provided to us is false, erroneous or omitted.
(2) If the person is a minor, an adult ward, a person under conservatorship, or a person under assistance, and has not obtained the consent of a legal representative, guardian, guardian or assistant.
(3) Anti-social forces (meaning gangs, gangsters, associates of gangsters, companies affiliated with gangsters, general assembly houses, and other groups or individuals who pursue economic interests using violence, power or fraudulent methods) The same shall apply hereinafter), or that the Company has some interaction or involvement with antisocial forces, such as cooperation or involvement in the maintenance, operation or management of antisocial forces through funding or other means. If you decide
(4) In addition, if we judge that the registration is not appropriate
3. The Company will judge whether or not the applicant for registration can register in accordance with the preceding paragraph and other criteria of the Company, and if the Company accepts the registration, notify the applicant of that fact. With this notification, the registration of registered applicants as a registered user is completed, and the contract regarding the use of this service in accordance with the provisions of this agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "use contract") is between the registered user and our company. It holds in between.
4. If there is any change in the registered information, the Registered User shall notify the Company of such changes and submit the materials requested by the Company without delay by the method specified by the Company.
Article 4 Use of this service Registered users may use this service in accordance with this agreement and according to the method specified by the Company, while the usage contract is valid.
Article 5 Purchase of goods
1. Registered users can use this service to purchase products from product providers. If the registered user wishes to purchase the product, he/she shall apply for the purchase of the product and pay the product price in accordance with the procedure separately specified by the Company.
2. When applying for product purchase, the registered user shall confirm the input destination, registered delivery destination, order details, etc. After the registered user has applied for the purchase of the product, when the registered user and the product provider receive an email confirming the order details from us, the sales contract for the product between the registered user and the product provider. (Hereinafter referred to as “sales contract”). The Registered User acknowledges and acknowledges that the Company is not a party to the sales contract and that the Company is not responsible for the content and performance of the sales contract.
3. The registered user's payment based on the sales contract is the total amount of the selling price, consumption tax, and shipping fee of the product displayed on this service (hereinafter referred to as "product price etc."). .. In addition, the transfer user and other expenses required for payment of the product price etc. shall be borne by the registered user.
4. The registered user acknowledges and acknowledges that the Company has the authority to receive the product price etc. by proxy, and shall not pay the product price etc. directly to the product provider. .. When the Company receives the product price etc. from the registered user, the payment obligation of the product price etc. to the registered user's product provider shall be extinguished.
5. As a general rule, payment of product prices, etc. shall be limited to payment by credit card in the name of the registered user, cash on delivery, bank transfer or other payment method specified by the Company. When paying by credit card, registered users are subject to the terms and conditions of a separate contract with the credit card company. In the event of any dispute between the registered user and the credit card company related to the use of the credit card, the registered user and the credit card company shall be responsible for resolving it.
6. A separate contract between the registered user and the payment company that provides the payment method specified by this service (including, but not limited to, agreement with the agreement concerning the payment method). Registered users are subject to the terms and conditions of a separate contract with the payment company. In the event of any dispute between the registered user and the payment company in relation to the payment method, the registered user and the payment company shall be responsible for resolving it.
7. Notwithstanding the provisions of each of the preceding paragraphs, if the Company determines that there has been any fraudulent or improper activity related to the use of this Service, the Company may cancel the sales contract and take other appropriate measures. I shall be able to.
8. Minor registered users may not purchase products using this service without the prior consent of a qualified legal representative.
Article 6 Merchandise returns, registered users shall be treated according to "Special Terms for Return" in "Notation regarding Specified Commercial Transaction Law" posted on this service regarding the return of goods purchased through this service. I agree.
Article 7 Handling of personal information
1. The registered user shall handle the personal information of the registered user included in the registered information (which means the personal information defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information) in accordance with our privacy policy. I agree with.
2. When a registered user purchases an item for sale offered by a product provider in this service, personal information such as the registered user's name and address for the product provider and other information (including registration information) .) is provided and acknowledged.
3. The Company anonymizes the information obtained when providing this service so that it cannot identify a specific individual, and then freely uses it as statistical information or other information (for third parties). (Including, but not limited to, provision).
Article 8 Password and user ID management
1. Registered users shall manage and keep their passwords and user IDs at their own risk, and shall not allow third parties to use them, lend, transfer, change their names, sell or sell them. I will. 2. Registered users shall be liable for damages due to insufficient management of passwords or user IDs, errors in use, use by third parties, etc., and we shall not take any responsibility.
3. If the registered user discovers that the password or user ID has been stolen or is being used by a third party, he/she must notify us immediately and follow the instructions from us. ..
Article 9 Prohibited acts
1. Registered users must not perform any of the following actions when using this service.
(1) Acts that infringe the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, honors, other rights or interests of the Company or other users of this service or other third parties (direct or indirect such infringement). (Including the act of inducing.)
(2) Acts related to criminal acts or acts that violate public order and morals
(3) Act of transmitting information regarding heterosexual relations
(4) Transmission of information including computer viruses and other harmful computer programs
(5) Actions that may interfere with the operation of this service by the Company
(6) Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate
2. The Company shall not notify the Registered User in advance if the Company determines that the act of transmitting information by the Registered User in this Service falls under or may fall under any of the above items. , All or part of the information may be deleted. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to Registered Users due to the measures taken by the Company based on this section.
Article 10 Suspension of this service, etc.
1. In any of the following cases, the Company may suspend or suspend the whole or part of the use of this service without notifying registered users in advance. (1) When performing inspection or maintenance work of the computer system related to this service regularly or urgently.
(2) When the computer, communication line, etc. stop due to an accident
(3) When this service cannot be operated due to force majeure such as fire, power outage, natural disaster, etc.
(4) In addition, when we judge that it is necessary to stop or suspend
2. Our company can terminate the provision of this service for our convenience. In this case, we will notify registered users in advance.
3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to registered users based on the measures taken by the Company based on this Article.
Article 11 Equipment burden, etc.
1. Registration and maintenance of computers, software and other devices, communication lines and other communication environments necessary to receive the provision of this service shall be at the expense and responsibility of the registered user.
2. Registered users shall take security measures at their own expense and responsibility according to the environment in which they use this service, such as prevention of computer virus infection, unauthorized access and information leakage.
3. The Registered User shall be registered by the Registered User if he/she installs the software, etc. on the Registered User's computer, etc. by downloading from our website or by any other method at the start of use of the Service or while using the Service. We shall take all necessary precautions to prevent the loss or modification of the information we hold or the failure or damage of equipment, and we shall not be liable for any such damage incurred by registered users.
Article 12 Attribution
1. All ownership rights and intellectual property rights relating to our website and this service belong to us or the person who has licensed to us, and the license to use this service based on the registration set forth in these Terms It does not mean a license to use the intellectual property rights of our company or those who have licensed to our company regarding our website or this service.
2. Text, images, videos and other data posted by registered users on our website or this service can be freely used by us free of charge (copying, copying, modification, and Sublicensing and all other uses are included).
Article 13 Cancellation of registration, etc.
1. In the event that the registered user falls under any of the following reasons, we will temporarily suspend the use of this service for the registered user without prior notice or notification and register. You can cancel your registration as a user.
(1) If any of the terms of this agreement is violated
(2) When it is found that the registered information is false
(3) In case of payment suspension or insolvency, or application for bankruptcy proceedings, civil rehabilitation proceedings, company reorganization proceedings, special liquidation commencement or similar proceedings
(4) If you do not use this service for more than 6 months and you do not receive a response from our company
(5) Cases corresponding to each item of Article 3, Paragraph 2
(6) In addition, if the Company determines that it is not appropriate to continue registration as a registered user.
2. If any of the items in the preceding paragraph is met, the registered user naturally loses the profit of the deadline for all of the debt owed to us and immediately pays all debts to us. Must be.
3. The Company and registered users may cancel the registration of registered users by notifying the other party by the method prescribed by the Company at least 7 days in advance.
4. Our company will not be liable for any damages caused to registered users by the actions performed by our company based on this section.
Article 14 Warranty disclaimer and disclaimer
1. Our company does not give any guarantee about the product sold by the product provider in this service. This service is provided as it is, and we do not guarantee the service including suitability for a specific purpose, commercial usefulness, completeness, continuity, etc.
2. Even if the registered user obtains from the Company, directly or indirectly, some information regarding the Service, the Company's website, other registered users of the Service and other matters, the Company will notify the Registered User of this Agreement. We do not make any warranty beyond the contents specified in.
3. Registered users shall investigate based on their own responsibility and cost whether using this service violates laws and regulations applicable to registered users, internal rules of industry groups, etc. Does not guarantee that the use of this service by registered users will comply with the laws and regulations applicable to registered users and the internal rules of industry groups.
4. Transactions, communications, disputes, etc. that occur between the registered user and other registered users or third parties related to this service or our website shall be processed and resolved at the registered user's responsibility. We are not responsible for such matters.
5. The Company suspends, stops, terminates, cannot use or changes the provision of the Service by the Company, deletes or erases the registered user's message or information, cancels the registration of the Registered User, and loses data due to the use of the Service. We shall not be liable for any damages or damages to the equipment or other damages incurred by registered users in connection with this service.
6. Even if a link from our website to another website or a link from another website to our website is provided, we will obtain a website other than our website and information obtained from it. We assume no responsibility whatsoever for any reason.
7. The Company shall not be liable for any damages suffered by registered users in connection with this service. Even if the Company is liable for damages to registered users due to the application of the consumer contract law or other reasons, the liability of the Company shall be limited to those registered users for the past three months from the time when the cause of the damage occurred. The upper limit is the total amount of the product price etc. actually received from.
Article 15 Responsibility for User's Compensation, etc.If a registered user incurs damage to the Company by violating this Agreement or in connection with the use of the Service, he or she must compensate the damage to the Company. Hmm.
Article 16 Confidentiality
1. In this agreement, "confidential information" means the technology of our company that the registered user provided or disclosed in writing, verbal or recording media, etc., or was able to know in connection with the service contract or this service. Means all information regarding sales, operations, finance, organization and other matters. However, (1) something that was already publicly known or already known when it was provided or disclosed by the Company or when it was known, (2) provided or disclosed or acquired by the Company. Later, it became publicly known by publications or other reasons for reasons that cannot be attributed to one's own responsibility, and (3) legally acquired without being bound by any third party who has the authority to provide or disclose information. , (4) Those developed independently without confidential information, and (5) those confirmed by the Company in writing requiring confidentiality shall be excluded from confidential information.
2. The registered user shall use the confidential information only for the purpose of using this service, and shall not provide, disclose or leak the confidential information of the Company to a third party without the written consent of the Company.
3. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 2, registered users may disclose confidential information based on orders, demands or requests by law, courts or government agencies. However, if there is such an order, request or request, you must promptly notify us to that effect.
4. The Registered User shall return the confidential information and the document or any other recording medium containing or including the confidential information and all copies thereof at any time without delay and in accordance with the instructions of the Company without delay. Must be discarded.
Article 17 During the service period of this service, the contract between the Company and the registered user shall be valid from the day the registration of the registered user is completed under Article 3 to the day the registration of the registered user is canceled. Shall survive effectively.
Article 18 Changes to this agreement
1. Our company can change the contents of this service freely.
2. The Company shall be able to change this Agreement (including the rules and regulations regarding the Service posted on the Company's website. The same shall apply in this section below). When the Company changes this agreement, the Company shall notify the registered user of the content of the change, and after the notification of the content of the change, the registered user cancels the registration when using the Service or within the period specified by the Company. If you do not follow the procedure above, the registered user is deemed to have agreed to the changes to this agreement.
Article 19 Contact/Notification Inquiries regarding this service and other notifications or notifications from registered users to us, and notifications regarding changes to these Terms and other notifications or notifications from registered users to our company shall be made by the method specified by our company.
Article 20 Transfer of these Terms
1. The registered user shall transfer, transfer, set collateral, or otherwise dispose of to a third party regarding the status in the contract of use or the rights or obligations under this agreement without prior written consent of the Company. You can not.
2. When the business related to this service is transferred to another company, the position of the usage contract, the rights and obligations based on this agreement, the registered information of the registered user and other customer information shall be dealt with in connection with the business transfer. The transfer shall be possible to the assignee of the business transfer, and the registered user shall have agreed to such transfer in advance in this section. The business transfer specified in this section shall include not only normal business transfer but also company split and other cases where the business is transferred.
Article 21 Separability Even if any clause of this agreement or part of it is judged invalid or unexecutable by the Consumer Contract Law or other laws and regulations, the remaining provisions of this agreement and The rest of the provisions, which are determined to be partially invalid or unenforceable, will continue to have full effect, and the Company and registered users will make such invalid or unenforceable provisions legal and enforceable. We will make the necessary amendments to the extent necessary to ensure the effect of the invalid or unexecutable clause or part and the legally and economically equivalent effect.
Article 22 Survival provisions Article 5 Paragraphs 2 to 9, Paragraphs 6, 7, 7, 8 Paragraph 2, 9 Paragraph 2, Paragraph 10, Paragraph 3, Paragraph 11, The provisions of Articles 12, 13 and 2 and 4, Articles 14 to 16, and Articles 20 to 23 shall remain effective even after the termination of the contract of use. .. However, Article 16 shall last for two years after the end of the usage contract.
Article 23 Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction The governing law of this Agreement shall be Japanese law, and for any dispute arising out of or related to this Agreement, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance.
Article 24 Settlement of Consultation The Company and the Registered Users shall promptly resolve any matter not stipulated in this Agreement or any doubt in the interpretation of this Agreement through consultation in accordance with the principle of good faith. [Established August 23, 2019]