<Products to be repaired>
■ LOTTA DESIGN. Only original products will be repaired.

<About items that cannot be repaired>
■If the upper is damaged or torn, it cannot be repaired. It also includes worn out heels.
■The outsole of the espadrilles wedge heel cannot be replaced.
■Cushions cannot be placed under the insole. We recommend using a commercially available insole.
■We do not accept repair of imported products.

* The repair amount is an approximate guide. It may vary depending on the condition.
* There is no charge for repairing the product B. Please contact us if you cannot repair.

<Other notes>
■Period and fees vary depending on the material and country of origin.

<Request for repair>
Please take it to the store or take a picture of the part you want to repair and send it.

We will check the condition of the product and the repaired parts with the customer.

Repair items



Insole replacement


We will give you an estimate because it depends on the material.

Both legs lift exchange

Both feet heel exchange



Outsole replacement


If it is not possible to replace only some of the lifts on the original product, the heel will be replaced. If the item is used frequently and worn out, it may be impossible to repair it because of its strength.

The price is the same for one foot.
Depending on the condition of shoes (wear condition), repair may not be possible due to insufficient strength.
Due to strength issues, heel changes will be about 1-2 times with the same shoe.

Please note that replacement of the wedge heel cannot be repaired.

The unit sole of ballet shoes cannot be replaced with only the heel. Outsole will be replaced.

Ribon exchange


FIKA TIAM is not possible.


A squeaking sound when walking

It is a phenomenon that the shank (iron core) in the insole hits the nail of the heel and makes a sound. *It may occur rarely during manufacturing, but there is no problem with walking. Exchangeable.

​It will take about two weeks for the repair period.



How to care

How to care for shoes

How to care for each material

● Synthetic leather, enamel

-Synthetic leather is a material whose texture and color are processed with polyurethane on the base fabric or microfiber base. The surface is relatively resistant to rain. If it gets wet, wipe it off with a soft, dry cloth and dry it in a well-ventilated place. For dirt, use a diluted neutral detergent.

● Polyester suede, microfiber suede

-Both are materials with brushed base fabric. Apply a waterproof spray when lowering your shoes (please follow the usage to prevent dripping). When cleaning, lightly brush with a suede brush.

For materials that have been foil-processed, the foil will fall off due to friction. Please use a brush with soft bristles.

Polyester material color transition will occur with respect to leather or polyurethane, material such as rubber. Please be careful about light-colored clothing.

● Fabric

-Since dirt is hard to remove, it is recommended to apply a waterproof spray before use as a countermeasure. If it gets dirty, use a cloth moistened with water to remove it.

● Genuine leather suede (brushed)

-Uses a waterproof spray exclusively for suede. After wearing it, brush it, turn it upside down and spray it with a waterproof spray to straighten it. We recommend using a special eraser or mousse-type cleaner for any dirt you care about.

● Genuine leather smooth ・ Brush lightly in a certain direction to remove dust and dirt, then apply a small amount of cream to the cloth and apply it thinly to blend well with the cloth. When applying, be sure to try it on an inconspicuous area before using it.

● Special materials (mirror material, sequins, fur, etc.), ornaments, ribbons, and other decorations ・ For delicate materials, use a soft brush or cloth depending on the material to remove dust. Do not pull or rub it.




● When you wear shoes, please do not crush your heels. It is easy to take off and you may fall and get injured. Please wear it with a shoehorn and tie the shoelaces tightly.

● Be careful when using shoes with high heels or shoes without heels. Since your toes are unstable, you may fall and get injured.

● Be careful when using leather shoes on rainy or snowy days. Moisture may soak in or slip.

● Please wear different shoes according to the purpose. Shoes that are not suitable for the purpose may not perform their intended function and may fall and injure you.

● When choosing shoes, understand the size and characteristics of your feet and choose shoes that are comfortable to wear. Shoes that don't fit your feet can cause pain and tiredness.

● If you feel itching or a rash, discontinue use immediately. If you continue to wear it, your symptoms may worsen.

● Please note that polyester suede, natural leather, and shoes without lining may fade to light-colored socks.

● Polyurethane bottoms and fabrics may be damaged due to aging when stored for a long period of time, so please check carefully before putting them on. In particular, storage in places with high temperature and humidity or large temperature differences may accelerate deterioration.

● When cleaning, please use a cream that matches the material. Depending on the product, the color may change, so please try it in an inconspicuous area before using it.

● When storing, it is preferable to store it in a well-ventilated place away from the ground. Keeping it dirty or storing it in high temperature and humidity may cause mold, odor, and accelerated deterioration.

● Shoes are made up of various materials. Please understand that metal parts such as nails that hit the heel and shanks that maintain the strength of the sole, urethane materials used for cushions, synthetic resins used for soles, adhesives, etc. will also deteriorate over time.

● Please understand that fabrics, especially hand-processed, handmade, vintage, mixed tweed, etc., are not considered defective because they may not be even on the left and right, and individual differences may occur for each pair.

● Regarding glue stains, we are working to remove as much glue as possible from the bottom and upper surface, but please note that some parts may not be sufficiently removed.

● Considering resources and the environment, we do not overpack. Therefore, please understand that the loss of the outer box caused by shipping is not recognized as a defective product.